Implementing RCL Successfully

RCL businesses and organizations typically see a significant improvement not only in conflict management issues,
but also in organizational culture, employee satisfaction and ultimately employee engagement.

A successful RCL implementation requires a commitment from administrators, managers, and employees.

Training is conducted by Certified RCL Trainers and tailored to meet the needs of your business or organization.  The training is typically done on-site, but open-enrollment sessions are also conducted throughout the year. Each participant receives a workbook which is designed to enhance the training and to increase the participant’s retention of the material.

Staff members will explore their personal beliefs about leadership. They will also dialogue with fellow participants, as they prepare to implement a consistent plan for their organization/business.

The training is dynamic and participants will be actively engaged in discussing and exploring strategies as they are presented. After the groundwork is put into place, participants will begin using the skills they have learned.  Interactive learning is done in a fun and supportive manner, and is essential to preparing participants to go back to their organization/business ready for the challenges they will face.

Participants will also begin to build their own Individualized Implementation Plan to help them formulate how they will process tough situations with employees. An emphasis is placed upon helping participants put the “Give ‘em Five” themes into their own words so they feel comfortable with the process.

The goal of the implementation process is not simply to impart knowledge but to help you and your staff to become masters of challenging moments with your employees.

Discussing New Strategies for Handling Challenging Moments

See What Others Have to Say

"Responsibility-Centered Leadership provided our organization with a consistent framework and method of communication related to handling the challenging moments we deal with every day. It also has helped increase morale and is a contributing reason why turnover is down 18% in the past year."
Human Resources Director
Crookston, MN
"Responsibility-Centered Leadership is fact-paced, practical, and adaptable for use in many different settings, including work, school and home. This method of counseling has helped me confront the issues, but not feel like the 'bad guy' because the responsibility for change is on the one being counseled."
Nurse Educator
Phoenix, AZ
"Responsibility-Centered Leadership has provided valuable tools to encourage positive and mutually respectful communication between leaders and staff members. This program has helped employees take ownership and become accountable in problem solving. This is the key to helping staff members become more successful."
President & CEO
Felicity, OH
“We muddy the waters with trainings as they relate to leadership and issues of [workplace] conflict. Many are far too complex. The important pieces most places are missing are accountability and consistency. RCL makes these characteristics front and center and is practical for any organization. I wish every organization, even the one I served in, would adopt this model.”
Former US Army MSG
San Francisco, CA