Compliance Levels

RCL Companies typically see a significant improvement not only in behavior management, but also in climate, manager and employee satisfaction and ultimately overall business success.

RCL identifies three Compliance Levels that will help determine an appropriate response when working with a challenging employee or customer.

Level 1

The employee quickly realizes they have made a mistake, takes responsibility for the problem, and works well with his or her supervisor to resolve the issue.

Level 2

The employee begins to display signs of unwillingness to accept responsibility. These signs include arguing, denying, placing blame and ignoring or interrupting the supervisor.

Level 3

The employee refuses to accept responsibility and is unable or unwilling to work through the process with the supervisor.

As intensity levels escalate, supervisors can easily become angry and lose control of the situation. Supervisors who are masters of these challenging moments are able to shift ownership back to the employee and the workplace can move toward a culture of increased responsibility.

See What Others Have to Say

"Responsibility-Centered Leadership provided our organization with a consistent framework and method of communication related to handling the challenging moments we deal with every day. It also has helped increase morale and is a contributing reason why turnover is down 18% in the past year."
Human Resources Director
Crookston, MN
"Responsibility-Centered Leadership is fact-paced, practical, and adaptable for use in many different settings, including work, school and home. This method of counseling has helped me confront the issues, but not feel like the 'bad guy' because the responsibility for change is on the one being counseled."
Nurse Educator
Phoenix, AZ
"Responsibility-Centered Leadership has provided valuable tools to encourage positive and mutually respectful communication between leaders and staff members. This program has helped employees take ownership and become accountable in problem solving. This is the key to helping staff members become more successful."
President & CEO
Felicity, OH
"Responsibility-Centered Leadership makes corrective action with employees simple and effective. The employee sees their responsibility in their actions.  Hard to council employees are neutralized with easy techniques and bring the conversations back to the issues at hand."
Nurse Manager
Parsons, KS